Things To Consider Before Buying Table Tennis Equipment Singapore

table tennis equipment singapore

We all love to play sports. Some sports need special equipment while others do not. Table tennis is a sport we all used to enjoy. The market is full of different varieties of table tennis types of equipment. There are different brands, costs, quality, and materials. The quality and type of table tennis equipment in Singapore differ as per the needs.

Things to notice before buying a table tennis table

The table is the most expensive part of table tennis. The table is necessary for playing tennis. The tables mimic the look of a table tennis court.

  • Portability: – Are you going to fit the table permanently or do you want to do frequent changes regarding the position of the table. If you are planning to change the playing area frequently then you should go for the portable table tennis table. The portable table tennis table contains high-quality rollers and breaks.
  • Thickness: – The thickness is the most important thing to look at before buying one. The thickness of the table ranges from 12mm to 25mm. You can find table tennis equipment singapore according to your preference.

Table tennis ball

The standard table tennis ball has a radius of 20 mm and weighs around 2.7 grams. The celluloid is used in manufacturing the tennis ball. The spin rates depend upon the quality of rubber and the materials of the ball.

How to choose rackets?

 The racket consists of a blade, handle, rubber, and sponge. The racket comes in different shapes and sizes.

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