Bio fertilizers to Boost Farm Output for Double

After the introduction of Chemical fertilizers in the last century, farmers were happy of getting increased yield in agriculture initially. But slowly chemical fertilizers began displaying their ill-effects like leaching out and polluting water basins, destroying micro-organisms and buddy insects which makes the crop more vulnerable to the attack of diseases reducing the soil fertility and so causing irreparable harm on the total system.

Garden Fertilizer

What is bio fertilizer?

The name itself is self-explanatory. The fertilizers are utilized to enhance the fertility of their land with biological wastes thus the expression bio fertilizers and biological wastes do not contain any chemicals that are harmful to the living soil. They are very valuable in enriching the soil with these micro-organisms which impart organic nutrients to the farm produces and impart strength to fight with diseases also. The farm produces do not contain traces of poisonous and toxic materials. These products are accepted throughout the world as Organic ones. Hence using bio fertilizers is mandatory.

Galaxy of Bio fertilizers

  • Phosphor: It releases repair and insoluble phosphorus.
  • Rhino: Rhizo Bacterial plays an extremely significant role in agriculture by causing nitrogen fixings nodules on the origin of legumes such as peas, beans clove and alfalfa.
  • Azotobactor: Atmosphere comprises nitrogen that is a really important nutrient for plant growth. The nitrogen is fixed by azotobactor and makes it available to the plants. It protects the roots from other pathogens found in the soil
  • Trichoderma: It is a non- item. The item is antagonistic hyper parasitic from different pathogens in the field and economically well-established biocontrol agent
  • Composter: Composter breaks down any organic matter such as dead plants farm yard waste, cattle wastethereby increasing the soil productivity.
  • Tricho-Card: Trichogramma is an efficient destroyer of eggs of several leaf and flower eaters, stems, fruit, shoot borers. It may be utilized in various crops in addition to in horticultural and ornamental crops such as sugarcane,cotton,brinjal,tomato,corn,jawar,vegetables,citrus and paddy apple.
  • Vermi Compost: It is 100% pure fertilizer. This organic fertilizer has nitrogen phosphorus, potassium organic carbon, Sulphur, hormones, vitamins, enzymes and antibiotics that help to enhance the che pham trichoderma quality and quantity of return. It is observed that misuse of fertilizer soil losses its fertility and gets by day. To overcome such problems farming that is natural is the sole remedy and Vermi compost is the ideal solution.
  • Biocompost: It is eco-friendly organic fertilizer that is prepared in the sugar industry waste material that is decomposed and enhanced with numerous plants and individual friendly bacteria and fungi. Biocompost is made up of nitrogen, phosphate solubilizing bacteria and various helpful parasites such as decomposing fungi, Trichoderma viridea which protects the plants from several soils borne disease and also help increase soil fertility that results to a fantastic quality product to the farmers.

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