Things to know about a serviced apartment

Serviced Apartments are fully furnished apartments that are available for both short-term and long-term visits and include all hotel-like amenities. They often contain soft furnishings and cooking utensils, removing the need for long-term tenants to bring their own, as well as all serviced apartments in singapore for a week such as housekeeping, front office, parking, and others that are included in the fee.

As a result, serviced apartments provide all of the amenities of hotel rooms while being less expensive than identical hotel rooms for longer visits. Because of the beginning of the boom in longer-stay foreign travellers, as well as the growth in international visitors’ level of sophistication, interest in serviced apartments has increased at the expense of the usage of hotels for short stays.

More space and privacy, convenience when travelling with a family, and the savings connected with cooking one’s own meals in the apartment are all possible benefits. The term serviced apartments in singapore for a week is a term that encompasses all brand models, some with high levels of service and others with a no frills approach that saves money for both guests and operators.

The distinction between serviced apartments and more “conventional” lodging, such as hotels and motels, is that serviced apartments provide a more “home away from home” atmosphere. The guest is given a self-contained apartment-style environment to stay in, with serviced-apartment facilities replacing restaurant, bar, and laundry services, and the space to live in a pleasant personal area.

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